Provident Legacy Funds

While you are living, Provident can work with you to create a customized giving plan detailing how much you would like to give, how often, to which charities, etc. You may donate to this plan while you live or plan to fund it through your Will and Estate Planning. After your death, Provident will work with your successors to ensure that all granting activities are consistent with the desires you previously established in writing.

Provident Legacy Funds provide you:

  • A partner (Provident) that can provide oversight to your giving intent, either while you are living or after your death.
  • A way to continue giving beyond your lifetime in an ongoing manner, rather than simply a one-time "lump sum" distribution of charitable dollars at death.
  • A way to ensure that your giving is carried out either in perpetuity or for a fixed timeframe.
  • A way to prevent successors from changing your giving wishes (ensuring that your giving intent is faithfully carried out by your heirs or others).
  • A way to partner with a like-minded organization such as Provident, who will be conscientious in the management of the Legacy Fund with a sound asset protection strategy.
  • A way to protect against distributions to organizations that stray in some manner from their theological roots or organizational effectiveness, or are otherwise involved in some source of impropriety.

How it works:

At the request of a donor, Provident will establish a Donor Advised Legacy Fund to receive donations while they live and/or at their death. These gifts may come out of bequests in a Will, registered assets (RSP, RIF, LIF) or life insurance policies that have named Provident as a beneficiary, or other assets.

Simply complete the Legacy Fund application form to establish your Legacy Fund with Provident.

  1. Choose a name for this new Legacy Fund.
  2. Provide a plan to donate to your Legacy Fund.
  3. Choose whether you wish to have Provident manage your Legacy Fund assets or if you wish to have your own financial advisor manage the Fund on Provident's behalf.
  4. Provide details about your distribution recommendations to Provident.
  5. Enjoy the peace that such advanced planning will give you.

For all the details related to Donor Advised Funds, simply read this document.